About the Director

Sam Ung

Sam Ung is an ethnic Chinese-American raised in the heart of Cambodia. He grew up with not only book smarts, but also the much-needed street smarts of his time. Cambodia was in a slower state of development than other countries, so he needed to know the tricks of the trade of everyday life to get by. He grew up with his family and their movie theater business.

Late in his teens, war broke out in Cambodia, and everyone was suffering. Tragedies found everyone, everywhere. Sam was forced to escape without his family and seek refuge in another country.

Many years later, he finds himself in America with a wife who has also shared in the tragic experience of Pol Pot and his regime, trying to make ends meet by working many odd jobs. He worked in every job possible to sustain not only him, but a wife and children too.

He later got into working in house rehabilitation, which included; carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and that brought in much of his income. Later, he realized that this was not his passion in life at all.

Sam decides that his passion for movies has overwhelmed him for too many years. He follows through with his dream and begins a three-year long process to fulfill what he thought was impossible in his younger years. He begins to write a screenplay, but there was one important factor that had to be decided on; a story.

He decides to incorporate real life tragedies from his years in Cambodia. He remembers stories about people losing their loved ones in the war and moving away, only to later remarry, finding that their spouses, brothers, and sisters were looking for them all those lost years.

This became their subject of the screenplay Destiny ©. After the script was completed, Sam directed the film and his wife produced it. Destiny © was shot for a duration of three weeks with a total of one hundred fifty people (cast and crew).

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